The Art of Martin Bradley

The Six Paths of sentient existence 150 x 150 cm Acrylic 1999

This picture represents the inner reality in each and every one of us. At the very top we have the fruition of our desires of our moments of heavenly joy. Proceeding clockwise the next image shows our ability to feel content and be at home with ourselves. Next we have the egoistical tyrant who dwells within. Then there are our sufferings when we burn in our own in built hells. Continuing clockwise we have symbols to represent the hungry part of us that says, "I want" followed by images that allude to our instincts and animality.

The Soothsayer 120 x 120 cm Acrylic 2001

In the present day world of our advanced technologies there is a soothsayer stealthily sneaking words of insecurity into our souls. Innumerable natural disasters, earthquakes, floods, famine as well as the seasons arc behaving strangely. Then we have wars with their refugees, economic crises and the enormous problems that harass every state. On top of that we have man made pollution and the destruction of nature. All this is reflected onto society through the media. The soothsayer is also the sage within us who makes us see things more objectively. At the same time he is the positive element in all mankind that makes us look forward to the future with hope.

The Cyclist's Dinner 150 x 150 cm Acrylic 1999

I really like Japanese food whose visual quality induced me to paint this picture. Nevertheless however tasty the dishes look, they are no more than a japonaiseric of my own making in order to share them with three acquaintances of mine. The cyclist who lives in our neighbourhood feels he should go everywhere on his bike. The man wearing a hat also lives nearby and is always laughing at his own jokes. At all events the lady in the decollete next to him finds them moderately funny. The artist is the slightly embarrassed dormouse in the left hand corner.

An Afternoon near Damme 100 x 100 cm Acrylic 2000

On one fine clear day we went for a drive around the countryside near the village of Damme. As soon as one approaches these surroundings it is impossible not to think of Uilenspiegel and the inner world of the painter Pieter Breugel. The wedding and Mad Margaret easily come to mind. The sun is shining on a farmhouse where there are chickens. The unforgettable expression on a ducks face when he suddenly came to a halt. There is fragrance blowing in the wind and the young cows who are so much like over healthy teenage girls. At night do they take off their heifer uniforms and go to the discotheque?

The People at the Fashion Show 150 x 150 cm Acrylic 2001

A girl's good looks can often depend on fashion. In this very recent painting of mine, the two models Foxy Lady and Pussy Cat are showing off some of my clothes designs. However my intention with this picture is an interest in the psychological make up of the spectators. In the top row we have the narcissistic Pretty Bluebird and a horsy like personage contemplating Miss Cat's pussyness. In the row below there is a fellow thinking about his girl friend and next to him is a gentleman who is forever preoccupied with his shares. Of course there has to be La Contessa who knows everybody. At the end of the row there is a girl proudly exhibiting her leather perfecto and thinking that these clothes must be terribly expensive. "I really like the handbags". Exclaims Miss Heifer to the elderly man thinking about something for his wife. Then there is that enigmatic star sitting next to Mr Elephas who finds the models rather skinny.

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