Covering Letter by Martin Bradley

Sint Michiels, 28th June 2005


It's now something like sixty years ago since I discovered the entry in the Encyclopedia Britannica on the Chinese language when I was little more than ten years old. I was immediately convinced that all those fascinating ideograms would one day reveal to me what life is all about and how we might alleviate the bundle of troublesome worries that tarnish all our existences.

Pictures may suggest, point to or even illustrate our intentions, they can even alter the atmosphere of a room but they can never explain how we might liberate ourselves from our inherent schizophrenia.

Having no wisdom myself, I decided that I would translate a tiny portion of the writings of a person whom I perceive as being fundamentally enlightened.

Also I would like to point out to various monks and scholars that any word to translate "myō" has to include the simultaneity of all time and space, otherwise such a complete teaching is reduced to a nonsensical caricature.

This book is an effort to repay the debt of being born in the world of humankind and to thank those who helped me turn away form the demonic insanity of a mad dog who snarls at his own bewilderment.


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